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15 Top MBA employers

1. Google

% of MBAs who want to work there: 20.67%

Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

Hiring plans: The Company's job postings seek MBAs for marketing, people operations, finance, advertising, sales, general management, partnership development and other openings.

What they're looking for: "Talent and intelligence, group spirit and

diversity, creativity and idealism," according to its website.

The search engine giant tops the 100 Top MBA Employers list for the third

year in a row and it's not because of the fitness classes and free

massages, or the fact that lunch offerings like Thai beef salad and grilled

wild king salmon are on the company's dime although Google has cut back

on perks like its annual all-expenses paid ski trip and complimentary

dinner service this year.


2. McKinsey & Company

% of MBAs who want to work there: 19.34%

Headquarters: New York, NY

Hiring plans: Even in the current economic context they remain committed to attracting top talent to the firm and continue to recruit purposefully and strategically.

What they're looking for: The consulting firm aspires to hire top talent

from a diverse set of backgrounds around the world.

Budding CEOs are in good company at McKinsey. The management

consulting firm has produced more chief executives than any other

company worldwide and that's partly why it's ranked no. 1 or no. 2 among

MBAs' most desirable employers every year since 1996.


3. Bain & Company

% of MBAs who want to work there: 14.92%

Headquarters: Boston, MA

Hiring plans: Bain actively recruits at MBA programs. Bschool grads are typically hired as consultants, and can be promoted to case team leader in as little as two years.

What they're looking for: Bain is committed to hiring only the very best

candidates who can think like owners, excel on teams and demonstrate a

passion for delivering results.

This management consulting firm is third among MBAs' most desirable

employers this year. Bain & Co. charms prospects at top B-schools by

offering the opportunity to work with high-profile clients ranging from

small start-ups to large multinationals.

Other selling points include optional rotations within the private equity

group, transfers to an international office or six-month externships to

another industry or area of interest.


4. Goldman Sachs Group

% of MBAs who want to work there: 14.34%

Headquarters: New York, NY

Hiring plans: Unlike some of its less fortunate

investment banking rivals, Goldman not only survived

this year's financial upheaval, it's still hiring MBAs. The

firm, now a bank holding company, offers a 10-week summer internship

program, from which new associates are often plucked.

What they're looking for: They look for people who are interested in the

financial markets, business and how organizations work.

Despite the financial crisis fallout, Goldman Sachs has kept a golden

reputation and continues to rank very high among MBA students ready to

launch a career in banking.

B-school grads are also attracted to the opportunity to get even more

education at Goldman Sachs University, an extensive training program for

incoming associates.


5. Apple

% of MBAs who want to work there: 13.49%

Headquarters: Cupertino, CA

Hiring plans: New grads have a lot of opportunities to sink their teeth into at Apple, whose careers site lists opportunities for MBAs in jobs ranging

from engineering to marketing and finance.

What they're looking for: Candidates with a "sharp intellect, a top-notch

educational background, and the energy to move the industry forward,"

according to its jobs site. Apple has ranked in the top 10 on the 100 Top

MBA Employers list for four years running, though this year it slipped a

spot to No. 5. Small work teams, nice weather and discounts on "it"

products like iPhones and iMacs lure a lot of MBA candidates to Cupertino.


6. The Boston Consulting Group

% of MBAs who want to work there: 12.62%

Headquarters: Boston, MA

Hiring plans: A consistent on-campus recruiter,

BCG's expects its recruiting this year to be within

historical norms.

What they're looking for: Beyond good grades, BCG places a high

premium on new grads' natural curiosity and leadership skills.

Although it's based in Boston, this global consulting firm has offices from

Abu Dhabi to Zurich, and travel is part of its culture. B-school grads eager

to broaden their horizons are encouraged to try a stint in a foreign BCG

location, spend a year working as an ambassador for another company, or

volunteer six to 12 months at a nonprofit such as the United Nations World

Food Programme or Save the Children.

Entry-level consultants generally start with a six-figure salary, plus bonus,

profit sharing and benefits. As their careers advance, they can rapidly earn

much more as their bonus potential rises.


7. Walt Disney

% of MBAs who want to work there: 8.86%

Headquarters: Burbank, CA

Hiring plans: The entertainment giant offers

dozens of opportunities for MBA students and recent

grads, ranging from graduate associate to senior program manager and

technology analyst, according to the company's careers site.

What they're looking for: Disney is highly focused on building a cadre of

great leaders who can fully engage their employees.

The happiest place on earth is not a bad place to work, either. Employee

development is fostered by town hall meetings, internal forums and an

executive coffee series that lets staff learn more about senior

management. Leadership courses and formal talent planning systems also

help employees map out a successful future with the company.

Also, Employees get free passes to Walt Disney amusement parks around

the world and screening passes to Disney flicks for their family and friends.


8. Nike

% of MBAs who want to work there: 8.83%

Headquarters: Beaverton, OR

Hiring plans: The fitness company has opportunities

for MBAs at its Oregon headquarters and around the


What they're looking for: Nike seeks candidates with a "passion for

sports" and "a will to explore their potential and push their boundaries."

For some soon-to-be graduates, climbing the corporate ladder starts with

a good pair of sneakers, Nike's specialty of course. To get a foot in the

door, graduate students can intern at the company's headquarters in

Beaverton. Nike offers a paid ten-week program with a travel and living


Added bonus: Interns enjoy some of the same perks that full-time

employees receive, including 50% off Nike clothes and footwear, access to

an on-site sports complex and a jeans-and-sneakers dress code.


9. J.P. Morgan

% of MBAs who want to work there: 8.78%

Headquarters: New York, NY

Hiring plans: Most new hires start as summer interns.

Those who get full-time positions may work in offices

around the globe in private banking, Treasury and

securities services, research and sales, or investment


Students continue to express strong interest in investment banking even

with the challenges associated in today's financial markets.

What they're looking for: "Independence, maturity, drive, initiative, and

integrity" are keys to being hired.

Full-time associates typically enjoy salaries starting at a hefty $95,000.

They also get perks like concierge service, no-fee brokerage and

investment services, and discounts on hybrid cars, and reduced admission

to local museums.


10. Johnson & Johnson

% of MBAs who want to work there: 8.32%

Headquarters: New Brunswick, NJ

Hiring plans: The diversified health-care

company typically hires between 200 and 250 MBAs a year.

What they're looking for: J&J looks for applicants with integrity, ethics

and an interest in healthcare.

J&J has three main segments: pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and

medical devices and diagnostics, and positions in such areas as finance,

procurement, HR, sales, marketing, health economics and business

development. So there's a little something to appeal to every business

school grad.

Nearly half of new MBA hires are extended offers after completing a

summer internship with the company. And hiring is actually up from last


11. The Blackstone Group

% of MBAs who want to work there:


Headquarters: New York, NY

Hiring plans: The firm hires just 15 to 18 new MBA grads a year, says

Karen Beyer, head of recruiting.

What they're looking for: As well as academic achievement, Blackstone

looks for MBAs who are creative self-starters and are passionate about

what they do.

The first and only private equity firm to make the most desirable MBA

employers list, Blackstone primarily recruits at top schools like Harvard,

Wharton, Kellogg and Columbia.

Competition is stiff for those few openings, but candidates who get in the

door can gain valuable experience working side by side with senior-level

executives on high-level projects.

12. Microsoft

% of MBAs who want to work there: 7.86%

Headquarters: Redmond, WA

Hiring plans: The software giant has positions

for MBAs in marketing, finance, corporate strategy, development, sales

and supply chain.

What they're looking for: Impressive candidates demonstrate "a

passion for technology," "desire to make an impact" and "the ability to

collaborate with the best and brightest in the industry.

For Windows fans, Microsoft offers competitive base salaries and a

comprehensive benefits package that includes all the basics, plus flexible

spending accounts, an Employee Stock Purchase Plan, extensive charitable

giving programs, and discounted software. They also enjoy perks like free

gym memberships, Starbucks machines in each building, and ball fields

and cricket pitches on campus.

13. General Electric

% of MBAs who want to work there: 7.37%

Headquarters: Fairfield, CT

Hiring plans: GE is hiring about 100 B-school grads this

year as part of its commercial leadership program.

What they're looking for: GE is looking for individuals

with high integrity, intelligence and energy.

MBAs interested in working with the government will find more

opportunities at GE this year, as the conglomerate aims to take advantage

of increased U.S. investment in infrastructure.

Many of the slots in GE's experiences commercial leadership program,

which rotates new hires through a variety of positions over two years,

have already been filled for 2009.

14. Morgan Stanley

% of MBAs who want to work there: 6.74%

Headquarters: New York, NY

Hiring plans: The bank sees "MBA hires as an integral

part of its global talent strategy," says Carissa Ramirez,

a spokeswoman.

What they're looking for: Morgan Stanley seeks "energetic, creative,

well-rounded, outgoing and self-motivated individuals" with "strong

quantitative and analytical skills," .

In the wake of this year's financial crisis, Morgan Stanley had to reinvent

itself as a bank holding company and accept TARP money from the U.S.

government. Yet it actually rose in B-school students' esteem, moving up

2 slots on the 100 Top MBA Employers rankings.

Morgan Stanley mostly hires through its 10-week summer internship

program, Ramirez said. After gaining exposure to the financial markets,

summer associates who make the grade are hired into Morgan Stanley's

sales and trading, investment banking, private wealth management or

investment management division.


15. IDEO

% of MBAs who want to work there: 6.68%

Headquarters: Palo Alto

Hiring plans: With only 500 employees altogether,

competition is stiff for very few openings.

What they're looking for: The firm looks for "T"-shaped

people, meaning they have "a lot of depth in one area

and breadth as well.

IDEO, an award winning design firm, debuts this year at No. 15 on the 100

Top MBA Employers list. With traditional opportunities in the financial

world falling out of favor, more MBAs are looking to smaller, innovative

companies like IDEO, which they may have learned about at recruiting

events or through case studies at B-school.

The company is known for creative designs like Crest's Neat Squeeze

toothpaste and Tivo's remote control with thumbs-up/thumbs-down

preference buttons. New hires might have the opportunity to work on

current projects like the Centers for Disease Control's effort to combat

childhood obesity, Bank of America's "Keep the Change" program,

improved patient care with Kaiser Permanente, or a new bicycle design

strategy for Shimano.

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