Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Universal Postal Union

The Universal Postal Union is an international organization based at Berne,

Switzerland that coordinates postal policies among member nations.

Prior to the establishment of the UPU, a country had to conclude a separate

postal treaty with each other country that it wished to carry international mail to

or from. Heinrich von Stephan, Royal Prussian and later German Minister for

Posts found the Universal Postal Union.

It was created in 1874, under the name "General Postal Union", as a result of the Treaty of Berne signed

on 9 October 1874. In 1878, the name was changed to "Universal Postal Union".




International Telegraph Union, founded in Paris by 20 European countries in 1865, is the oldest

international organisation.

Telegraph Journal was renamed Telecommunication Journal

and is now published under the name ITU News.

On 24 May 1844, Samuel Morse sent his first public message

over a telegraph line between Washington and Baltimore, and through that simple act, ushered in the

telecommunication age.

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