Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The Joseph A. Campbell Preserve Company was formed in 1869 by Joseph Campbell and an icebox

manufacturer named Abraham Anderson.

The original company produced canned tomatoes, vegetables, jellies, soups, condiments, and minced


In 1897, twenty-four-year-old Dr. John T. Dorrance made a discovery that would change the company's

focus — and fortune — forever. Dr. Dorrance invented condensed soup, which allows a high-quality

product to be produced and shipped relatively inexpensively

In 1899 Campbell became the first manufacturer to place advertising on New York City streetcars.

In 1922, the company's name was officially changed to Campbell Soup Company.

The Campbell Kids, illustrated by Grace Wiederseim, made their appearance on streetcars in Philadelphia

in 1904. They became hugely popular and have been included in Campbell's advertising the world round.

The famous "M'm! M'm! Good!" jingle was created in 1931 for a radio spot.

The genesis of the red and white color design on Campbell's condensed soup cans came after a company

executive attended a Cornell University football game. The executive was so taken by the team's new red

and white uniforms that he convinced Campbell to use the colors on its labels

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