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Sunday, August 02nd 2009
The Philippines bids a last good bye to Aquino
Democracy icon of the Philippines Former president Corazon Aquino died early on Saturday after battling cancer for a year. Ms. Aquino's rise in politics began after her husband was assassinated in 1983. The resilient opposition leader brought down the 20 year repressive regime of Ferdinand Marcos by leading a non-violent uprising in 1986. The Philippines will be observing a 10 day mourning period in honor of Ms. Aquino affectionately referred to as "Tita (auntie) Cory" by her supporters.

Tuesday, August 04th 2009
Ramon Magsaysay award for Deep Joshi
Well known Indian social activist Deep Joshi will be awarded the Ramon Magsaysay award for his pioneering contribution to the development of rural communities. Five others have also been named for the prestigious award which is considered to be Asia's equivalent for the Nobel prize. The Ramon Magsaysay foundation which is headquartered in Manila stated in a press release that, "Deep Joshi is being recognised for his vision and leadership in bringing professionalism to the NGO movement in India". Mr. Joshi has a masters in engineering from MIT and a master's in management from the Sloan School, MIT. He has had 30 years of experience in the field of rural development. 

Wednesday, August 19th 2009
S. Korea's Kim Dae-Jung passes away
Former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung passed away on Tuesday. He suffered a heart failure. He won the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize for seeking to improve ties with the communist North Korea. "The Sunshine Policy" as it was called was created to give more economic incentives to the North and to reduce the strain of unification through strengthening economic ties. Kim was a former political prisoner and was elected South Korea's president in December 1997. That victory marked the first time that power had shifted from a ruling party president to a president from the opposition in South Korea.

Wednesday, August 26th 2009
ISRO PSLV to carry swiss university satellite
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne(EPEL) students have built the first all Swiss cube satellite. This satellite could be used to study the upper atmosphere and test low-cost positioning system. In order to accomplish this goal they have asked Indian Space and Research Organisation (ISRO)to help them put the satellite in orbit. The 10x10x10 cm cubesat which has bee named as Swisscube weighs less than a kilogram and is equipped with a mini telescope.

Thursday, August 27th 2009
Senator Edward Kennedy 'Ted' passes away
America's liberal lion, Senator Edward Kennedy died late on Tuesday. He had been battling a brain tumour. He was 77. The youngest among the politically influential Kennedy brothers John F Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, Edward Kennedy will be known and remembered as one of the most effective law makers in the history of the US senate. 

Saturday, August 29th 2009
First batch of H1N1 vaccine rolls out
As several countries are battling to contain the H1N1 "Swine flu" pandemic, Baxter Inc Labs rolled out its first batch of the swine flu vaccine. The first supplies have been sent to the British health network, subsequent batches of the vaccine would go to the UK and the US as both these countries have booked for large quantities of it. The US is expected to start administering the vaccine dose to its population by mid-October. India is yet to enter into any kind of agreement with pharma companies like Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline and others for the vaccine. 

Sunday, August 30th 2009
Maiden moon mission, Chandrayaan 1 ends
Scientists at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) lost radio contact with Chandrayaan 1 which was India's maiden lunar exploration spacecraft. It was orbiting 200 Kms above the moon's surface. Chandrayaan 1 had completed bulk of its scientific mission. Data until 12:25 am on Saturday was transmitted from the spacecraft to the Indian Deep Space Network at Byalalu near Bangalore

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