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Pepe Jeans is a denim and casual wear brand launched by Sholemay Ltd–a company founded by Nitin

Shah, Arun Shah, Milan Shah and Shantilal Parmar in 1970s in the UK.

Current TV and financial-services startup Generation Investment Management

(has $1 billion under management) have been launched by former US Vice-President

Al Gore.

Khazanah Nasional Berhad is the investment holding arm of the Government of

Malaysia entrusted to hold and manage the commercial assets of the government and to undertake strategic


In 1937 Thomas J. Watson, Sr., received the Order of Merit of the German

Eagle with Star from Adolf Hitler for "foreign nationals who have made themselves deserving of the German Reich."

Winifred Barnum is a children's author and illustrator whose famous book

Gumwrappers and Goggles is the story of Southwest Airlines's legal fight.

In the story, TJ Love, a small jet, is taken to court by two larger jets to try and stop him from flying at all.

Taken to court, TJ Love's right to fly is upheld after an impassioned plea from The Lawyer.

While no company names are mentioned in the book, TJ Love's colors are those of Southwest Airlines,

and the two other jets are colored in Braniff and Continental's colors. The Lawyer is designed to resemble

Herb Kelleher.

Citi Group has launched a corporate brand identity advertising campaign based on the theme 'Let's Get it


Times Ascent Pink Slip Awards are given for creative excellence in recruitment advertising by the Times of India Group.

Aviva Life Insurance Company launched a unit-linked children's plan called Aviva

Little Master

Dennis Hwang is a graphic artist who designs the festive logos for Google (also

called Doodles) on special days. He designed his first logo for Google in honour of

Bastille Day, July 14, 2000, at the request of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and has

been designing the specialty logos ever since.

The Jonga was a Nissan designed vehicle used by the Indian Army. In 1960

Nissan introduced their new 4x4 called the P60 (Patrol 60). The vehicle was

built by the Vehicle Factory Jabalpur (VFJ) under an exclusive license from

Nissan for the Indian Army. Hence the P60 came to be known as the Jabalpur

Ordnance aNd Gun carriage Assembly - JONGA. In 1999 the production of

the JONGA stopped. The Army auctioned and scrapped many of them and they

were replaced by 4x4's manufactured by Mahindra vehicles.

Tatra is a Czech vehicle manufacturer founded by Ignac Sustala in 1850 as Nesselsdorfer

Wagenbau-Fabriksgesellschaft. The company produced the first motor car in central

Europe, the Präsident, in 1897. In 1919 it changed its name to Tatra after the Tatra

Mountains. Tatra is the third oldest car maker in the world after Daimler Mercedes-Benz and


The Rapaport Report is the jewelry industry standard for the pricing of diamonds. The report is published

weekly and given to jewelers and diamond merchants to set prices for consumers. The report is issued in

the form of a table and prices diamonds based on the 5 C's of diamonds - carat, color, clarity, cut and cost.

The Rapaport List is copyrighted and available only to subscribers to its magazine.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is developing a web-based information system, specifically

for India, named Bhuvan — Sanskrit for Earth — the application system will give very high resolution

images of India and details of every destination like Google Earth.

Kellogg's markets cereals based on cartoons such as SpongeBob SquarePants

Cereal, Cinnamon Marshmallow Scooby-Doo! Cereal, Spider-Man Spidey-Berry

cereal, Disney Mickey's Magix cereal and Disney Princess Cereal.

George Safford Parker began his career as a teacher of telegraphy. To supplement

his teaching income, Parker started selling pens for the John Holland Pens

Company. When the pens he sold malfunctioned, Parker decided to invent his own

version of the fountain pen and set up Parker Pen Company in 1888 in Janesville,

Wisconsin, USA.

Walter A. Sheaffer invented the first practical lever filling fountain pen in

1907. About 300 steps are required to build a Sheaffer® White Dot™ fountain
pen. Punchline-'Style for Life'.

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