Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hanung Toys
􀂙 Hanung is India's largest soft toy manufacturer and a preferred supplier to some of the well known global
retailers like IKEA.
􀂙 Hanung Toys & Textiles came into existence in 1991. Conceived by Ashok Kumar
Bansal, Hanung became a leader in the soft toy market in India within a span of ten
years. The company started with a modest order of Rs 6 lakh from IKEA. From there
on, Hanung was on the growth path becoming the largest exporter of soft toys and
then later diversifying into soft furnishing products during the early 2005.
􀂙 The company has collaboration with a South Korean company. It adopted the Korean name–Hanung which
means - Stem of Tree.
􀂙 Hanung has two domestic brands–a chain of toy store under the brand Play-n-Pets which is a more
upmarket brand and Muskan which is a more affordable range of toys.

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