Wednesday, May 12, 2010



Edward Hughes (seller of wood, coal, grain hay), Charles Husband (bookkeeper at paper-bag factory),

William Hussey (miner, only one with any practical knowledge of chemistry), Rufus Myers (lawyer),

Archibald Taft (president of local Harbor Bank) invested $100 A piece to set up Electro-Alkaline Company, America's first commercial-scale liquid bleach factory in 1913.

Their plan was to convert brine available in abundance from nearby salt ponds of San Francisco Bay into sodium

hypochlorite bleach, using electrolysis

An employee Abel M. Hamblet suggested name 'Clorox' for new product, from words 'chlorine' and

'sodium hydroxide' (combination formed bleach's active ingredient)

In 1915, Electro-Alkaline Company was registered as Clorox Liquid Bleach Cleanser Germicide

In 1969, Clorox gained full, formal autonomy as publicly held corporation (U.S. Supreme Court ruled that

Procter & Gamble had to sell The Clorox Company because of monopoly in production, sale of household

liquid bleaches).

Animal Planet and Clorox have joined forces to call attention to the alarming global disappearance of


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