Tuesday, May 11, 2010



  • Former Afghanistan foreign minster Abdullah withdraws from nov.7 run off presidential polls
  • Afghanistan's independent election commission proclaims President Hamid Karzai winner .
  • Czech President Vaclav Klaus signs the revised Lisbon treaty paving the way for its implementation within the 27
    member European union
  • United Nations General assembly endorses the 575 page repost by South African jurist Richard Goldstone that focuses on alleged war , crime during the twenty two day Gaza conflict early this year .
  • Russia honors Mikhail Kalashnikov , father of the world most famous gun , AK -47 with the country highest award , HERO OF RUSSIA .
  • UN Secretary Ban ki moon calls for a single global address to address the plight of world's hungry opening the world summit on Friday security in Rome .
  • Belgium Prime minister Harman Bon Rompuy is elected as the first European council President and britain's Catherine asthon is named the 27 members bodies high representative for foreign affairs and security policy .
  • The big bang machine on the large Haldron collider , the world's largest atom smasher start opening again 14 months after a technical snag caused one tonne of helium to leak into 27 km long tunnel that houses it .
  • India and Canada reaches a civil nuclear agreement .
  • Large haldron collider at the European organization for nuclear research ( CERN ) near Geneva creates a world record by acceleration beam to the highest energy ever achieved in particle collider .

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