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Advanced Track & Trace

ATT Advanced Track & Trace is the company behind the digitized markingandtracking

method that allows companies to verify whether their shipments are where they are

supposed to be in real time. A French company, ATT is the subsidiary of the LAMY

Energies & Technologies Group. The company is headquartered in RueilMalmaison,

near Paris. The company's Vector Seal technology stamps each product package with a unique, digitally created ID mark and track it via scanners during its entire journey to the end user. Codes are stamped in visible and hidden form on packages top revent thieves from repacking fake goods in the original containers.

The company's clients include spare parts, perfumes and cosmetics, luxury,

pharmaceutical, beverage, banking and insurance, institutions, generally in areas

sensitive to counterfeiting, diversion, falsification and tampering problems.


Brightcove Inc

Brightcove is an online video platform that empowers video producers and programmers to build broadband businesses while giving viewers more

choices and control over their use of video and television.

The company recently introduced Brightcove 3, its new online

video platform, which has seen market adoption among

customers including New York Times, AOL, Conde Nast and

Times Online. Founded in 2004, Brightcove is a SoftwareasaService

(SaaS) business with offices across North America, Europe

and Asia. The UKbased company recently expanded with a

new European office in Germany and the establishment of a

majorityowned subsidiary in Japan, Brightcove KK.


Etsy Inc

Etsy's mission is to enable people to make their living making things.

Etsy's Maria Thomas figured in BusinessWeek's 25 Most Influential People

on the Web list last year. Etsy has over a million members who buy from

its more than 100,000 artists, majority of them women. Each day, 4,000

new customers and 400 new artists join. Investors, including venture firm

Accel, who put in $27 million in January.The USbased company was founded in 2005.



Gameforge is the largest independent supplier of browserand

Clientbased MMOGs (massively multiplayer online games) worldwide.

The German company offers more than 12 games in over 50

languages. More than 65 million players have already registered

for Gameforge games, and more than 14 million people actively

play the company's online titles. OGame, a strategic space

simulation game with thousands of players across the world, is

one of the best known browserbased MMOGs from the Karlsruhe

gaming specialist. Klaas Kersting and Alexander Roesner established Gameforge in December 2003. The investment firm Accel Partners has claimed a share in the company since August 2007.


JiGrahak Mobility Solution Pvt Ltd

One of the two Indian IT companies in the list, JiGrahak provides "ngpay", India's first

endtoend, and mass market mobile commerce service. The Bangalorebased

company was founded in 2003. The company recently tied up with HDFC Bank to offer mobile banking services to the bank's customers. The service enables HDFC

customers to get account statements, enquire about cheque book

requests, get fixed deposit enquiry and transfer fund to any HDFC

bank account or nonHDFC bank holder using the ngpay platform.

Today, ngpay reportedly has 65 clients including with 230,000 users of the platform. The

company claims about 40,000 are joining every month.


 is a free Web application that allows users to automatically

track and analyse their financial transactions, set budgets, and even

send balance updates in text messages to cell phones.

The company was founded in March 2007 by then26yearold

Aaron Patzer. Designed to be effortless, takes less than five minutes to set up. Mint then does the rest, securely downloading transaction data from more than 7,500 US financial institutions on a daily basis.


Mojix Inc

Mojix, Inc develops signal processing products for wireless applications. Founded in 2004 by a team of former JPL/NASA scientists and engineers, the company's vision is to apply breakthroughs in deep space communications to exponentially refine the precision, reach and scope of RFID technology. The company's recent offerings provide greater flexibility to deliver energy to RFID tags in a variety of use cases, and reduce the total cost of ownership of RFIDenabled portals, dock doors, racks or other EPC RFID tag interrogation spaces.



Launched in 2007, the mPedigree initiative actively engages stakeholders in

developing nations towards safer drugs via a combination of stepped up

enforcement and carefully crafted technology.

MPedigree has developed a service that allows consumers to instantly

verify the source of pharmaceuticals at no cost at the point of purchase, using standard

mobile phones. Since the service is free, users need not own a phone; they can simply

borrow one from someone nearby. Drug manufacturers pay for the text messages. The

oneyearold company based in Accra, was cofounded

by Bright Simons, a 27yearold

Ghana native.



The company has been awarded the Technology Pioneer Award for 2009

for its technical innovations in affordable computing access.

The new technology allows a full virtual Windows desktop that can be

accessed through any internet connected to the computer, and soon any

internetconnected device. Nivio has also developed an online service

bundled with a device small, affordable ($100) which can be substituted

as a CPU.


Qifang Inc

Qifang, which takes its name from the poem, `Let a hundred flowers

bloom; let a hundred schools of thought contend', is a Web service that

operates under the simple principle: Everyone should be able to get an

education, no matter their financial means.

Using P2P lending, the Shanghai Company helps poor students find

funding for higher education. Qifang has launched an online, persontoperson

lending service that gives students the means to find friends, employers, or philanthropists willing to help fund their educational goals. The service also addresses regional income disparity by facilitating borrowing from other regions. The company was founded in 2007 by Calvin Chin, an Americanborn

Chinese, who graduated from Yale University.


Slide, Inc

Slide Inc is an online personal media network. It enables users to

create photos and videos in, as well as view them on

Web or desktop. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in San Francisco,

California. Recently, Slide Inc launched FunSpace Channels, which will enable Facebook users to discover and share the hottest TV, music and celebrity video content.

SpinVox Ltd


SpinVox is the creator and global leader in an entirely new

category of communications which it has called VoicetoScreen.

The company provides products to capture spoken messages,

convert them into text, and deliver the message to a destination. It offers voicemail

products to get the message; Memo products to send message to the email inbox; Blast

products, which enable its users to tell group the news by speaking a text or email; and

Text products to speak without having to thumb a message and respond to incoming

texts by speaking reply. It serves network operators and corporate markets. The

company was founded in 2003 and is based in Marlow, the United Kingdom.


Tideway Systems

Tideway provides data center search software that continuously consumes and

transforms IT data into intelligence, including identifying application

software components and interrelationships and mapping them to

physical and virtual infrastructure. The company provides a shared platform for technologists to visualize and report on the data they need to make informed decisions. The single, automated view of application topology enables enterprises to cut costs, reduce risk and better manage change.


Ubiquisys Ltd

Ubiquisys Ltd is a mobile communications company which designs and develops

communications devices for mobile operators and consumers.

The company provides ZoneGate femtocell system, a small plugandplay

device that plugs into home or office broadband

connection and provides 3G coverage in the home and office, as

well as supports various mobile services. Ubiquisys Ltd was

founded in 2004 and is based in Swindon, United Kingdom. In

September 2008 the company announced that Softbank would

be the world's first operator to offer commercial 3G femtocell

services using the ZoneGate. Ubiquisys is funded by Accel Partners, Advent Venture

Partners, Atlas Venture, Google and TMobile

Venture Fund.


TraceTracker Innovation ASA

TraceTracker Innovation ASA is a software service company

which provides traceability systems to the food and beverage

industries. The company offers global traceability network

(GTNet), a subscriptionbased solution for enabling

companies to perform electronic traceability.

The company's solutions trace every step of production from raw materials to the retail

shelf and address health and wellness imperatives, anticounterfeiting

measures and a wide range of social and environmental initiatives, such as fair trade and biodiversity. The company offers traceability survey, data mapping, XML export, testing, and automation services, as well as various professional services in traceability and related fields. TraceTracker Innovation was founded in 2000 and is based in Heddesheim, Germany. It has additional offices in Milan, Italy; Singapore, Singapore; Tokyo, Japan; San Francisco, California; and Toronto, Canada.

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