Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The value of the world's 100 top brands rose 4 percent last year to more than $2

trillion, according to the fifth annual report, known as the Millward Brown Optimor

BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking.

2010's rankings have a fair share of technology companies, with

as many as four IT companies in the top 10. In fact the crown

for the biggest brand globally too goes to a technology firm.

However, though most technology companies saw a jump in

their brand value, there are also some who saw it drop. The title for biggest fall in

brand value too goes to a tech company.

So, here's over to the globe's 10 strongest technology brands and what made

them so.


Google is the world's strongest brand. The company's brand value witnessed a 14

percent jump in the past year.

The brand's dominance as a search engine combined with the

popularity of products such as Gmail and the potential impact of

its recently introduced Android mobile phone platform made

Google a leader in brand momentum.


Apples 32 percent increase in brand value is due to its iconic products. According

to the report, this increase is a tribute to the company's ability to transform itself

from an electronics manufacturer into a brand that is central to people's lives.


The company ended the calendar year 2009 with iPhone

sales of 8.7 million for the quarter, a 100 percent year-onyear

increase with over 100,000 apps available.

Apple also benefited from the anticipated launch of the



The brand value of HP increased by almost 50 percent last

year, following the rebranding of EDS (Electronic Data

Systems) and brand re-launch in 2009.

As the company refreshed its logo, HP attempted to associate

the HP brand with innovation by adopting a new global

positioning that unified the brands in each product division

under the tagline "Let's Do Amazing."


The iconic IBM brand grew another 30 percent in value, in part because it

communicated trust at a time of economic turmoil.

IBM's strong financial results included a record $18.1 billion in

pre-tax income. IBM's 30 percent increase in brand value

reflected its continuing strength in business-to-business brand

marketing and the high level of trust engendered by the brand.

Its 2009 global campaign "A Smarter Planet" emotionally

argued that IBM provides solutions for many of the challenges faced by

government and commerce.



The launch of Windows 7, accompanied by an extensive ad

campaign late last year, helped Microsoft maintain its leadership


Blackberry (RIM)

BlackBerry maker RIM ranks at no. 14 with a brand value of

$30.7 billion brand value. The Canada-based company's brand

value went up by 12% during the past year.


Oracle's brand value grew by 16 percent. The enterprise

software maker ranks at no. 19 with a brand value of $24 .8 b


Oracle is followed by o ne of its biggest rival SAP ranked at no.

21. The German company's brand value went up by 3 percent.

SAP's brand value stands at $24.3 billion.


Network giant Cisco saw a 7% drop in its brand value.

Ranked at no. 35, the company's brand value stands at

$16.7 billion.



Nokia saw the biggest fall in brand value, which dropped 30 places to 43rd place

after a 58 per cent decline to $14.9bn.

This is not a trust issue - in fact it is the most trusted brand in

about ten of the 22 countries covered in the BrandZ ranking,

said Peter Walshe, MBO's global BrandZ director. According to

him, the brand does very well, the issue is that Nokia has sort of missed the

smartphone wave.

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