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Thursday, October 01st 2009
Quake, tsunami cause havoc along coasts
A powerful earthquake in the South Pacific threw up a massive tsunami at the shores of Samoa and American Samoa. This has left around 99 people dead with several others still missing. Many villages were flattened and properties destroyed. At least 529 people are known to have died in the powerful earth quake that struck the Indonesian island of Sumatra on Wednesday. The quake measuring 7.6-magnitude struck close to the city of Padang, the capital of West Sumatra province. The death toll is expected to rise as rescue operations continue.

Monday, October 05th 2009
UN inspectors to visit Iran's nuclear facility
Iran has revealed a new second nuclear site to refine uranium which has raised fears of the international community. Iran has allowed the UN watchdog to send inspectors to visit to the second site. This development has been encouraged by the leaders world over. The inspectors are expected to visit the site on October 25, 2009. The inspectors will have a comprehensive verification of the facility and also understand its purposes.

Thursday, October 08th 2009
Explosion at the Indian embassy in Kabul
In yet another instance of a suicide attack a vehicle with bombs was rammed into a wall of the Indian Embassy in Kabul resulting in a powerful explosion. Eight people have been killed and 37 injured. However officials have maintained that all Indians inside the embassy are safe and accounted for. The motive behind the attack or the target of the attack is still not clear.

Saturday, October 10th 2009
Turkey and Armenia to sign historic accord
After bearing hostilities against each other for a century Armenia and Turkey are now preparing to sign a historic agreement which may help normalize relations between the two nations. However the signing of the agreement has been met with protests from Armenians who feel that the killing of hundreds of thousands of Armenians in 1915 needs to be addressed first. The accords will be signed in Zurich, Switzerland and US secretary Hillary Clinton is expected to attend the signing of the agreement. The two countries have been divided since World War 1 after the killings under the Ottoman rule.

Monday, October 12th 2009
Hostages freed at Pak army headquarters
Pakistan army's elite commandos stormed the building at the army headquarters in Rawalpindi where militants had taken a few people hostage. Around 39 people were freed after the 18 hour standoff. Four militants were killed and the ringleader has been caught alive. The Pakistan military also carried out a series of air-strikes in South Waziristan and around 13 militants were killed in the raids.

Monday, October 19th 2009
Iran's military institution attacked
Six senior Revolutionary Guards commanders and 23 civilians were killed in an attack carried out by a suicide bomber in Iran. As per the state media, Jundollah a local rebel group has claimed responsibility for the attack. The bombing has come about in the wake of a second round of negotiations which has been scheduled between Iranian officials and their western counterparts in Vienna. This meting was intended to resolve the stand off with the West about Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Tuesday, October 20th 2009
Pak troops advance deeper into Waziristan
The Pakistan Taliban's Chief Hakimullah Mehsud's home town is set to be stormed by the Pakistani army. According to army officials troops have encircled the Kotkai village which is also the home town of the Taliban Chief's suicide attack trainer Qari Hussain. Key heights have been captured by the army and the area is expected to fall soon. The Pak army have gone deeper into South Waziristan and it continues its battles to gain control of the region from Taliban and the al-Qaida. Around 1,00,000 civilians are said to have fled the conflict zone.

Saturday, October 24th 2009
More suicide bombings in Pakistan
A key air force facility in Pakistan was targeted by a Taliban suicide bomber on Friday. Eight people are said to have been killed in the blast. Officials however have denied the attack to have any links with Pakistan's nuclear programme. The bomber detonated explosives which were strapped on his body at the checkpoint outside the Pakistan Aeronautical complex located at Kamra 76 Kms Northwest to the country's capital.

Monday, October 26th 2009
Baghdad bombing kills 136
136 people have been killed in the worst suicide bombing attacks of this year in Baghdad, Iraq. Two suicide car bombs exploded in downtown Baghdad on Sunday delivering a powerful blow to the city and its government. Violence due to insurgents is expected to escalate as Iraq prepares for its elections in January 2010. the car bombs were aimed at the Justice ministry and the Baghdad provincial administration.

Wednesday, October 28th 2009
UN house in Kabul attacked by Taliban
A guest house used by the UN staff was attacked by gunmen early on Wednesday in Kabul. Around seven people are suspected to have been killed in the attack including three UN staff members. The Taliban has claimed responsibility of the attack. News reports have also suggested that a few of the militants are still lodged in the guest house and Afghan Security forces have surrounded the building. The militants resorted to heavy gunfire and explosives.

Thursday, October 29th 2009
Taliban strikes Peshawar market killing 90
Taliban terrorists struck a marketplace in Peshawar which has been termed as the deadliest car bomb explosion in two years and it killed around 90 people including women and children. US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has also kicked off her three day visit to Pakistan on Wednesday. Over 200 people were injured in the bomb attack. Th blast occurred in the famous 'Meena Bazaar' within the walled Peshawar market which is frequented by women shoppers.

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