Sunday, May 9, 2010

Société Européenne des Satellites

Société Européenne des Satellites

SES S. A. has a fleet of 40 satellites at 26 orbital positions making it one of the world's leading providers of satellite communication and transmission

services. Originally founded as Société Européenne des Satellites in 1985, it was renamed SES Global in 2001 and later simply 'SES' as the group

management company of SES Astra, SES World Skies and other satellite and satellite service companies in which SES holds a stake, SES Sirius, ND SatCom and APS (Astra Platform Services) being the principal ones.

SES is based in Betzdorf, Luxembourg and is listed on

the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and Euronext Paris under the ticker

symbol SESG. It is a component of the LuxX, CAC Next 20 and Euronext

100 indices.

Group companies & percentage participation

Satellite operating companies: SES WORLD SKIES (100%); SES Astra


Major regional participations: Ciel (70%); Quetzsat (49%) ; SES Sirius

(90%); Solaris Mobile (50%)

Satellite service companies: Americom Government Services (100%); APS

(100%); SES Astra Broadband Services

(100%); ND SatCom (100%);

SES Astra TechCom (100%)

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