Saturday, April 9, 2011


G K Questions on World History
1. Saint Simon, Charles Fourier and Robert Owen were
(A) Renaissance artists
(B) Portuguese navigators
(C) early Socialists
(D) activists in the American War of Independence
2. In which of the following battles did Napoleon defeat the allied forces of
Russia and Austria?
(A) Battle of Austerliz
(B) Battle of Waterloo
(C) Battle of Sedan
(D) Battle of Sadowa
3. The Battle of Nations in which Napoleon faced a disastrous defeat was
fought in
(A) 1805
(B) 1814
(C) 1815
(D) 1866
4. The Battle of Waterloo was fought in
(A) 1815
(B) 1866
(C) 1857
(D) 1777
5. Which of the following battles was fought in question of abolition of slavery?
(A) Battle of Nations
(B) American civil war
(C) Battle of Waterloo
(D) French Revolution
6. Who among the following was the Austrian Chancellor from 1815 to 1848
(A) Metternich
(B) Louis Philippe
(C) Cavour
(D) Bismark
7. Who among the following was known as the 'Citizen King' because he
shunned traditional symbols of monarchy?
(A) King John II
(B) Louis Philippe
(C) Napoleon
(D) Cavour
8. Who among the following great military general of France was exiled to St.
Helena Island?
(A) Charlemagne
(B) Captain James Cook
(C) Napoleon Bonaparte
(D) Robespierre
9. Who among the following was a Black American leader who led a non
violent movement to obtain full civil rights for American Negroes?
(A) Martin Luther King
(B) Muhammad Ali
(C) Ben Kingsley
(D) Rosa Luxemburg
10. Who among the following Austrian born-German dictator played a very
significant role in the Second World War?
(A) Bismarck
(B) Mussolini
(C) Adolf Hitler
(D) Giueseppe Garibaldi

Answer Key
1.(C) 2.(A) 3.(B) 4.(A) 5.(B) 6.(A) 7.(B) 8.(C) 9.(A) 10.(C)

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