Friday, February 4, 2011


1. The proposed program of the Government of the United States to purchase assets and
equity from financial institutions in order to strengthen its crumbling financial sector has been named as________.
(a) Funding Strategies for Troubled Assets
(b) Troubled Asset Relief Program
(c) Financial Sector Stress Test Program
(d) Fiscal Stimulus and Asset Relief program

2. Which of the following is NOT a subsidiary or joint venture of the multinational
conglomerate Tata Group?
(a) Infiniti Retail (b) North Delhi Power
(c) Titan Industries (d) Bharati Shipyard

3. The type of influenza virus causing the deadly Swine Flu that is paralyzing societies and economies across the world is
(a) A (H1N1) (b) A (H5N1)
(c) Influenza B (d) A (H2N2)

4. In a recent list of 'America's Best CEOs’ for 2009, compiled by the Institutional Investor magazine, three Chief Executives of Indian origin have found a place – Indra Nooyi (Pepsico), Francisco D’souza (Cognizant Technology Solutions) and Ramani Ayer. Ayer is the CEO and President of:
(a) Hartford Financial Services (b) Aflac Insurance
(c) Cisco Systems Inc (d) ADP (Automatic Data Processing)

5. Italian carmaker Fiat is now ready to takeover bankrupt US auto major Chrysler.
Which of the following auto brands is also being considered by Fiat for prospective
(a) Skoda (b) BMW
(c) Opel (d) Escort

6. The neighbouring country, Nepal witnessed political turmoil yet again following the resignation of Prime Minister Prachanda. His resignation came in as a protest against the reinstatement (by the President) of the Army Chief, who had been sacked by the government for his unwillingness to recruit soldiers from the ranks of the former Maoist army. Name the Army General.
(a) Rookmangud Katawal (b) Pushpa Kamal Dahal
(c) Ram Baran Yadav (d) Girija Koirala

7. Team Chennai Super kings playing in the IPL 2009 Cricket Tournament is owned
(a) Shahrukh Khan (b) Shilpa Shetty
(c) India Cements (d) GMR Group

8. The Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar belongs to which of the following party?
(a) Samajwadi Party (b) Janata Dal (U)
(c) Rashtriya Lok Dal (d) Telugu Desam Party

9. Name the famous military leader whose novel “Clisson et EugĂ©nie” is all set to be
released in English and will reveal a less-known romantic side of a personality known
for his territorial and political leadership.
(a) Adolf Hitler (b) Charles de Gaulle
(c) Francisco Franco (d) Napoleon Bonaparte

10. Name the Indian Chief Executive who had been honoured with a CBE (Commander
of the Order of the British Empire) by Queen Elizabeth II for his contribution to Indo-British economic relations.
(a) Kris Gopalakrishnan (b) Aditya Puri
(c) Mukesh Ambani (d) S Ramadorai

11. This is a brand of automobiles first produced in 1926, and sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico by General Motors (GM), marketed as an "athletic" brand
specializing in mainstream performance vehicles. Amid ongoing financial problems
and restructuring efforts, GM announced that it would phase out the brand by the end
of 2010. Name the brand.
(a) Pontiac (b) Cadillac
(c) Buick (d) Gmc

12. Which of the following bank has received Asian Banker’s award for best retail bank
in the year 2008?
(a) UTI (b) IDBI
(c) ICICI (d) HDFC

13. The world’s top cell phone maker Nokia has launched a new store to compete with
Apple’s hugely successful App store, which will have over 20000 application items
that can run on Nokia phones. What is the name of the store?
(a) Nokia Ovi (b) Nokia Nook
(c) NokStore (d) Nokia Digitization

14. Who is the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)?
(a) Pascal Lamy (b) Dominique Strauss-Kahn
(c) Koichiro Matsuura (d) Ban ki Moon

15. There are three Indians on a recent list of ‘most influential people on the planet’ released by Time Magazine in April 2009. Who among the following is NOT on the aforementioned list?
(a) Sonia Gandhi (b) Ronnie Screwvala
(c) Ratan Tata (d) Narayana Murthy

Answer Key

1.( b) 2.( d) 3.( a) 4.( a) 5.( c) 6.( a) 7.( c) 8.( b) 9.( d) 10.( d)
11.( a) 12.( d) 13.( a) 14.( b) 15.( d)

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