Friday, February 19, 2010



I am pursuing CFA from AIMR USA . You can take up the course from India. Its the world's most recognised course in finance leading to CFA charter. Level 1 exams are conducted in december and June.
The course is tough by any standards. For the first two levels you are tesetd on the basis of multiple choice question. The question paper is very tricky. For more details you could check out If you have cleared this course you don need to to do an MBA in finance. As its the mother of all fin courses. Later maybe after 5 years of good industry work ex you cud consider the options of an MBA in finance but i don think you would really need it.
A qualified CFA can expect anywhere between $100000-$140000 p.a in USA. (Mind you thats the starting salary).
The ROI is pretty high. Sitting in India you could finish the course for about 2 Lacs considering assumptions that you clear the exams at the first shot. Once you have cleared level 2 exams you could think of going to the states and take a job which would pay you between 50000-75000$ p.a
Many people with IT background are taking the course up in India because its fairly challenging. I am not discounting the fact that life's gonna be tough for u being an engg but nothing's impossible .
Hope i have managed to get a clearer picture.
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